Monday, May 11, 2020
When choosing the best pizza dough mixer, it's important to take several factors into consideration.
You need to consider your needs and should focus on mixer capacity, speed, and efficiency. Do you know what to look for to choose the perfect mixer?
Keep reading for more information when choosing the best pizza dough mixer for your business. 

Spiral Pizza Dough Mixers

Spiral mixers are a great choice for pizza mixers. They're extremely useful for making large quantities of dough.
Since they use a large bowl and a small spiral they need less horsepower than a planetary mixer. Their unique mixing action allows for a more durable product, saving money in the long run.
An additional benefit is the bowl. It spins while the hook mixes the dough, allowing for an evenly distributed mixture. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the dough isn't overworked. 
Overall, it takes less time and effort when mixing large batches of dough, making this mixer a highly efficient choice. They're geared specifically for mixing dough, require less attention than planetary mixers, and are workhorses when making high volumes of dough.

Planetary Mixers

While spiral pizza dough mixers are useful for producing large amounts of dough, planetary mixers are also another great option. They have a removable bowl and hook which allows for fast cleanup. 
Planetary mixers are more than a dough mixer. They come with an attachment hub perfect for slicing vegetables, grating cheese, and grinding meat. 
This allows for efficient, uniform production of pizza toppings. You can save additional money by buying whole blocks of cheese in bulk, then use this mixer to grate it. Spiral mixers typically don't offer an attachment hub, making the planetary a great choice. 
Planetary mixers also come with a variety of timing options. They come with digital and mechanical timers. The timers are on the front or side of the mixer. Some mixers have no timer at all. 
There is an option for every business, depending on your needs. Digital timers are more accurate, making them a better choice. They provide consistency from batch to batch. 

Horizontal Mixers

Another choice when looking for pizza dough mixers is the horizontal mixer. These commercial mixers have a beater that rotates horizontally. This allows for optimal stretch and fold. It also quickly mixes the dough in 15 minutes or less.
Horizontal mixers are powerful and produce high speeds. They also include a dough trough to collect the dough. 
Their mixing bowls are able to handle large amounts of dough at one time, making them another excellent choice.
Consider the Open Frame Single Sigma Horizontal Bakery Mixer. This state of the art mixer comes in various sizes to accommodate all your commercial baking needs.
The reinforced bakery mixing bowl, canopy, shaft, and agitator are all stainless steel and its easy maintenance and heavy-duty construction make it an excellent choice.

Choosing the Best Dough Mixer

There is a pizza dough mixer for all your needs, each with its own unique benefits and design. Some even come with attachment hubs, making them more versatile!
Contact us today and check out our full-service bakery equipment for all your specific needs. 
Monday, May 4, 2020
Commercial bakery equipment is designed to be powerful and built to last. If you've spent a considerable amount on your equipment, you should expect it to be around for a long time - maybe for it to even outlast you.
That being the case, the best way to keep your bakery equipment working is to conduct proper maintenance. Like any other piece of machinery, if you neglect your bakery tools you'll run the risk of having to retire them very early, and you want to make sure that isn't the case.
Luckily, it doesn't have to be. This article goes in-depth with a few ways that you can take care of your equipment so that you'll be using it for a long time to come. Keep reading to find out more!

Maintain Your Commercial Bakery Equipment With a Regular Cleaning Schedule

One of the easiest things that you could do for your equipment is to give it a regular clean job. By simply cleaning out all of the leftover food and grime that has built up over the duration of use, you can ensure that your machine will not only run longer but run better as well.
Make sure you follow proper cleaning procedures for each piece of equipment you clean out to make sure you stay safe and give the best cleaning job.

Inspect the Equipment Regularly

This can be done while you are cleaning out the equipment, and is actually a smart idea to kill two birds with one stone.
Even if you don't know how to do your own repairs, it still helps to inspect your equipment. That way you can spot the warning signs and call in the pros to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

Have Spare Parts at the Ready

Repairs can take time if you don't have the parts available to fix the matter. That being said, buying a few spare parts is never a bad idea.
If a problem ever arises, having parts on hand means you can taking the matter immediately, so you can get back to work ASAP - maybe even on the same day.

Follow All Manufacturing Usage Instructions

A big reason why some machines break down is due to users not operating it properly. If the equipment is used incorrectly, there's a good chance you'll eventually damage something from lack of knowing how everything works.
Read every section of the operation manual closely and make sure you understand it, then teach your employees to learn how to run everything correctly.

For All of Your Bakery Needs

Now that you know how to maintain your commercial bakery equipment, you need to know where to go to buy the tools that you need to keep your equipment going for a long time to come. We can help you do just that.
At Topos Mondial Corp., we pride ourselves in only selling the highest quality items for your kitchen needs. We offer both brand new and pre-owned equipment and replacement items, as well as handy services to help repair and maintain your bakery equipment.
Ready to get started? Simply give us a call or send us a message, and we'll be sure to help you with your needs. Here's to your baking success!
Monday, April 27, 2020
When you own a commercial kitchen, you know how important it is to deliver quality products, on time, to your customers. To keep large orders coming in, you need to ensure that your bakery design has a flow layout that will make your kitchen as efficient as possible.
The right bakery floor plan will improve the customer experience by helping you create perfect products every time. It will also help you avoid your team from being in each other's way. 
Read on for 4 top tips on how to make the best bakery kitchen layout.

1. Design with Order of Activities in Mind

Whether your commercial kitchen is producing sandwich bread or muffins, you have a set order of tasks that follow a certain order.
The best type of bakery layout is one that keeps the order of activities at the forefront during planning. Doing this will give you an efficient flow in your activities.
Think of the flow of movement in your bakery. Perhaps items are delivered and go into storage. From there they make their way to the various tasks that fall under food prep and cooking and finally to the cooling racks. 
When you design your bakery floor plan, focus on the different movement of activities that are best suited for your particular needs.
You might choose to set up your space in terms of an assembly line. Or perhaps in specific zones for each task. 
Make sure to think of ergonomics for your staff to avoid workplace injuries.

2. Focus on Flexibility

For your bakery's kitchen, the layout has to revolve around flexibility. Starting off with a bakery design layout that is flexible means that you won't have to do a massive (and expensive) redesign down the road. 
But how can you make your bakery floor plan flexible? 
One of the best things you can do is to buy equipment on casters and wheels. If you need to modify your layout for the day or for good, having equipment on wheels makes it simple to re-organize your kitchen.
You may also want to think about a reach-in fridge instead of a walk-in one. A reach-in commercial fridge can be tucked against any wall with an outlet. That means more options for your layout. 

3. Think Multipurpose

Another tip for a kitchen with a great flow layout is to make your workstations multipurpose.
If you have stations that are super-specific to a certain task, there is a risk that they can become obsolete as your needs change. Instead, opt for workstations that can serve various purposes to ensure longevity and functionality now and in the future.

4. Consult with Your Bakery Equipment Sales Team

The cost of hiring a consultant to design your kitchen layout can be astronomical. A better option is to call your bakery equipment sales expert.
Equipment suppliers know the industry better than most. They can give you priceless tips on your bakery kitchen layout.

Enjoy Your Flow Layout of Your Bakery

There you have it! 4 tips for improving the flow layout of your bakery.
Contact us today to discuss your commercial kitchen needs.
Monday, April 13, 2020
The baking industry averages $30 billion in revenue every year!
Are you the owner of a startup bakery? Are you running an existing one? 
If you are, then you know the value of having the right equipment. However, the key is to get equipment at the right cost.
That’s where used bakery equipment comes into play. These are especially handy on a tight budget but there are even more benefits to buying your equipment used.
If you are looking to save money by purchasing used baking equipment. Take a look at these eye-opening reasons why you should definitely consider buying your equipment used.

1. Resell Used Bakery Equipment for a Good Price

There may come a time when you want to buy new equipment. If you buy good quality used equipment and take good care of it, you may be surprised to know that you can resell it for a good price.
You can then use this money to make a down payment on new equipment or use it to make up the amount needed to purchase new equipment.

2. Get More Variety

First, you need to decide which equipment is the right fit for your bakery. You may find that some of the fancier features that newer equipment comes with are unnecessary for your bakery right now.
There are a lot of models to choose from when you buy used equipment. This is because when you buy your equipment preowned, you have a chance to see many previous models.
Additionally, you will still get quality baked products and that's what your customers will care about. Nobody will be interested in whether your equipment is new or used as long as it gets the job done.

3. Lower Depreciation

When you buy new equipment it begins to depreciate in the same way that a car would. As the years go by you can expect even more depreciation to occur.
When you buy used equipment you avoid having to deal with depreciation altogether because the item would have already gone through this phase. This is why used equipment is so much easier on your pocket.
This is especially true if you are a startup and need to invest your money into other areas of your business. The bottom line is that used bakery equipment will cost you less while still being able to produce quality baked products.

A Final Look At This Budget-Friendly Choice

While you may want to buy new baking equipment for your business, you should also consider used bakery equipment. They are cost-effective, meets your business needs and keeps your budget on track.
They're the perfect choice for a startup as it will help you save money so that you can get started faster. Once your business has grown significantly if you wish you can get new equipment then you can.
Consider too all the variety of models that are available when you decide on buying used equipment. This means that you can get equipment that is laser targeted to your needs.
If you would like more information on used baking equipment, please contact us.
Monday, April 13, 2020
Looking for unique, on-trend wedding cake ideas?
Checking out the latest wedding cake trends 2020 will give you some much-needed inspiration, whether you want a pretty, traditional cake or something a little more novel, like a stack of doughnuts.
We guarantee at least one of these ideas will be new to you, so keep reading.

1. Hand-Painted Wedding Cakes

Watercolor design is everywhere right now, but forget commissioning a canvas and start thinking about what you'd paint onto a custom wedding cake.
That's right — watercolor wedding cakes are soaring in popularity right now, featuring everything from abstract brushstrokes to painstaking recreations of flowers and birds.
Whether you want a little watercolor texture or a whole Mona Lisa, there'll be an artist out there who can do it. If you appreciate art, this trend is definitely worth exploring.

2. Geometric Design Wedding Cakes

Geometric design isn't just for kitchens and bathrooms — it also works amazingly on wedding cakes
Think bold diagonal lines, triangle patterns, and solid blocks of color. This design trend turns your cake into a real statement piece that is sure to turn heads at the wedding.
Many bakers sandwich geometric-pattern tiers between plain white tiers, making sure the design doesn't look too busy.

3. Edible Flowers on Wedding Cakes

There are more edible flowers out there than you think, and they look amazing on wedding cakes.
If you want to add a little extra spark to a traditional wedding cake, a smattering of edible flowers could do the trick. They add color and texture and can be arranged in any formation you can imagine.
If you or your partner has a favorite flower, try your best to incorporate it.

4. Tile-Inspired Wedding Cake Prints

Traditional tiles from around the world are gorgeous, so why not incorporate them when designing your wedding cake?
Much like geometric patterns, tile patterns work well when used sparingly on one or two tiers of your cake. If there's a country that means a lot you, look into their traditional tile patterns when designing your wedding cake.
If you don't want a tile design on the actual cake, tiles can still make great cake stands.

5. Doughnut Stack Wedding Cakes

Not a fan of cake? Many couples are now opting for alternative baked goods on their big day, and baking up a stack of doughnuts is a great option.
There's no need to cut everyone a slice, so splitting up the 'cake' will be much easier. You'll also have the option of choosing a mix of doughnut flavors, meaning there'll be something for everyone. Yum!
Many couples opt for pink and white icing with a floral cake topper to keep things looking reasonably traditional.

Why Keep an Eye on Wedding Cake Trends 2020?

Keeping on top of wedding cake trends 2020 is a smart way to predict what will be most in-demand over the coming year and prepare your business accordingly.
Staying ahead of the curve means you'll always have the supplies and equipment you need to meet changing demands.
Looking to purchase new industrial bakery equipment? Check out our store today.
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