Sunday, October 28, 2018
The proofer's role in the rising

Whether sweet or savory, bakery delights made from yeast dough are a challenge to produce. Because it is a chemical reaction that makes bread, donuts, and similar products rise, it needs just the right environment. A setting that is too cold, too hot, or contains the wrong amount of humidity will turn a light and airy delectable into a less-than-perfect finished product.

The proofer's role in the rising

As described by the Institute of Food Science and Technology, in a warm, moist environment yeast feeds on sugar to ferment and produce carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide fills the dough with tiny bubbles, creating fluffy donuts, tender rolls, or robust whole-grain loaves of bread. A proofing box or cabinet allows the baker to control the environment inside, adjusting it to suit ideally the type of bakery goods it holds. The most critical element in yeast dough preparation is temperature control. The Kansas State University's experimentation lab produced a guide stating that the ideal temperature for yeast bread to rise is between 80 and 85 degrees. Using a proofing box to hold dough as it expands makes controlling the environment possible. Temperatures and resting times for doughnuts and other products vary, so having a programmable holding unit is imperative.

Choose your ideal station

We at Topos Mondial Corp. offer a wide range of new and pre-owned proofing boxes, including made-to-order equipment designed for donut production. We have rack systems, some of which include an oven, made of stainless steel and tempered glass doors for easy product monitoring. Let us know if you need a dough conveyance system in your set-up, as we can bring your loaf-baking visions to life. Increase your yeast-based product output and improve the quality of your finished baked goods by equipping your facility with a station that best suits your needs. Contact us today to get started.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Ask yourself these 3 questions before you add an item to your menu.

    Every bakery has a menu that is the core of their business. It's what gets customers coming in and it directs all your business decisions. This is why you should ask yourself 3 questions before you add an item to your menu.
Is There A Market For It?
   This is actually a lot of smaller questions wrapped into one. For example, someone somewhere definitely wants pure prune fruitcake, but are there enough people asking for it to make it a regular part of your baking routine? Are the people who want prune fruitcake part of your normal clientele, and, if it isn't, would it attract enough people who would also like your other items? Is this a trendy item that stands out so much that it is worth making for a couple weeks to capitalize on the interest? Answering these questions before you put an item on your menu can save you from a lot of wasted pastries. 
What Does It Cost To Create?
    Every baked good costs a certain amount to make and that cost includes such things as wear on the equipment and the ingredients that you use. Do you have to buy a special ingredient that you will only use for this one item on your menu? The item might need special equipment to make, too. It's important to work out how much you spend to make something before adding it to a menu so you can calculate if it is worth the investment and how you can price it appropriately.
How Does An Item Fit Into Your Business?
   You have already set a certain tone for your bakery, partly by the decorations in the store and the advertising, but mostly by the type of things you sell. So, before you add an item to your menu, you have to ask if it contributes to the tone. Does it fit the niche you cater to? Does it fit into your business's general outlook? For instance, it might make sense to add cheesecakes to your cake shop, but it might not make much sense in a bakery focusing on health food. 
    If you do decide to add items to your menu and you need equipment to bake them, you are in luck. Topos Mondial sells refurbished and new bakery equipment, and we pride ourselves on the variety and quality of the items they have. Please feel free to contact us.

Monday, October 8, 2018
it's not too late to entice customers with 2018's top bakery trends.

With seasonal changes and several major holidays to come, it's not too late to entice customers with 2018's top bakery trends. At Topos Mondial Corporation, we're interested in helping our bakery customers thrive. That's why our blog offers informative articles like this to help you with the challenges of a bakery business.


  • Like autumn's eagerly awaited pumpkin spice latte, a seasonal or holiday specialty that's available for a 'limited time only' can draw customers to your bakery. How about a pumpkin spiced pie or brownie? Once new customers taste your delicious pumpkin spice brownie, they may come back for decadent candy cane brownies at Christmas. They'll also enjoy your deliciously 'normal' brownies even when you're not offering a seasonal specialty.


  • Warm, savory flavors like bacon, bourbon, and smoke add textured nuances to baked goods. These warm flavors should become even more popular as the weather begins to get chillier.


  • Flatbreads tend to be high protein, high fiber, low-carb, and nutrient dense. They're a great product for incorporating trendy 'ancient grains'. People will feel less guilty about overindulging at the Thanksgiving feast when they're enjoying the leftover turkey in a healthy pita sandwich.


  • Busy parents appreciate 'decorate it yourself' packages that include portioned dough or baked cookies, icing, and sprinkles. These packages allow them to share the traditional joys of a family's Christmas baking with much less stress, time, and effort. Pre-packaged gingerbread house kits are another popular item with busy families. 


  • A humble bakery cookie transforms into a gourmet international delight when you incorporate exotic flavors like cardamom, fig, five spice, pistachio, rosewater, or saffron. Exotic flavors and complex blends of flavors are very popular with 'foodies' and those who are always on the lookout for something new, exciting, and different.


  • Cocktail inspired treats and a New Year's Eve party. Is there a better match? Take inspiration from an elderberry cocktail for a very trendy taste sensation. Other popular cocktail inspirations include fruity sangria. Pink is a very popular color among cocktail lovers - especially when it's paired with fruity or floral flavors like watermelon, berry, or hibiscus


  • Exotic donuts with unique fillings are very trendy. In fact, it was the fastest growing food trend according to the annual survey of chefs by Nation's Restaurant News (NRW). Couple your already delicious donuts with fillings or glazes featuring floral notes of hibiscus, lavender, or rose for a modern flavor twist that's perfect for New Year's brunch. Basil, thyme, and rosemary are popular for adding a subtle botanical twist. Hint: Try basil with lemon. It's delicious!


  • Ruby chocolate is the first new type of chocolate since the advent of white chocolate eight decades ago. Its pink color and hint of berry flavor are all natural, a product of the distinctly different Ruby cocoa bean. It's expected to appeal to modern consumers because of its natural origins. Since it's a relatively new product, this unique chocolate is perfect for drawing new customers to your bakery in 2019!


Contact us for the expertise, layout, and equipment you may need to take advantage of all the latest flavor or product trends. With nearly 60 years of experience, we can help you stay current and relevant in today's demanding marketplace. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Modern bakers use an array of different baking tools. One of the key tools for many bakeries is a planetary bakery mixer. What is a planetary bakery mixer? Let us explain.

What is it?

A planetary bakery mixer is just like the name suggests, a bakery mixer. Like any other mixer, a planetary bakery mixer mixes all of your dry and/ or wet ingredients together. What makes this type of mixer different from a standing mixer is the way in which it mixes the ingredients together. This mixer gets its name from the fact that as the mixer is whisking, the spinning blades of the mixer moves in a circular pattern within the mixing bowl. Watching the mixer in practice, it almost looks like the spinning blades are "orbiting" the contents within the bowl.

Who is this for?

Any bakery larger than a small one-person operation is probably going to be using a planetary or other type of large bakery mixer. Bakers are the most obvious answer; however, when asking if it is a useful machine for smaller bakeries, the answer is yes. A planetary bakery mixer is a great asset to both medium and large bakery businesses.

Where can I get one?

Topos Mondial is a world leader in both new and used bakery equipment. We currently have our Model T-750 planetary bakery mixer in stock. It features:

  • A 370 qt. removable bowl
  • An integrated bowl scraper
  • Removable implements for mixing versatility

The Topos Model T-750 features a built-in auxiliary fan that is able to cool the main motor of our planetary vertical mixer so that it can withstand different mixing speeds for long periods of time. This model also comes with recipe pre-programming as well as manual control of the mixer.

Here at Topos Mondial, we are just as excited about baking as you. We have been specializing in the production of baked goods since 1959. We are ready to help bakeries large and small at the most competitive price points. Contact us today for more information on our top tier bakery equipment.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The use of dough troughs in bakeries goes back hundreds of years. It was common in many European countries for people to make big batches of dough and then take them to communal ovens for a long time. These massive batches of dough would be mixed and proofed in large troughs. These days, bakeries have their own ovens, but they still have to make large batches and they often find that the traditional methods for doing so still work fine. One of our custom-made stainless steel dough troughs, for instance, are great for proofing large batches of dough. Bakeries still use them today for a couple of reasons.


These steep-sided troughs can easily contain your dough, so you don't have to worry about it overflowing the edges as you would with smaller containers or containers with sloped sides.

Troughs are large enough that you can let the dough for many loaves rise together. They can be 4 or 6 ft long. This allows you to ensure consistent quality in each batch. Once the batch has risen, you will be able to efficiently make all the loaves you need for the time.

The troughs often come with wheels, which make it is easy to transport the dough to the ovens. That makes it convenient for those who have small kitchens: you can proof in another room while working on other recipes.

You can also look for troughs with lids so you can protect your batches from the environment while also using them as additional counter space. Every bakery has different layouts, but they can all use more counter space.

If your bakery would benefit from a dough trough, contact Topos Mondial. We provide an array of custom-made, new, and pre-owned dough troughs that will let you bring that extra touch of tradition to your bread. Your customers will appreciate it.

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