Monday, May 11, 2020
When choosing the best pizza dough mixer, it's important to take several factors into consideration.
You need to consider your needs and should focus on mixer capacity, speed, and efficiency. Do you know what to look for to choose the perfect mixer?
Keep reading for more information when choosing the best pizza dough mixer for your business. 

Spiral Pizza Dough Mixers

Spiral mixers are a great choice for pizza mixers. They're extremely useful for making large quantities of dough.
Since they use a large bowl and a small spiral they need less horsepower than a planetary mixer. Their unique mixing action allows for a more durable product, saving money in the long run.
An additional benefit is the bowl. It spins while the hook mixes the dough, allowing for an evenly distributed mixture. All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and the dough isn't overworked. 
Overall, it takes less time and effort when mixing large batches of dough, making this mixer a highly efficient choice. They're geared specifically for mixing dough, require less attention than planetary mixers, and are workhorses when making high volumes of dough.

Planetary Mixers

While spiral pizza dough mixers are useful for producing large amounts of dough, planetary mixers are also another great option. They have a removable bowl and hook which allows for fast cleanup. 
Planetary mixers are more than a dough mixer. They come with an attachment hub perfect for slicing vegetables, grating cheese, and grinding meat. 
This allows for efficient, uniform production of pizza toppings. You can save additional money by buying whole blocks of cheese in bulk, then use this mixer to grate it. Spiral mixers typically don't offer an attachment hub, making the planetary a great choice. 
Planetary mixers also come with a variety of timing options. They come with digital and mechanical timers. The timers are on the front or side of the mixer. Some mixers have no timer at all. 
There is an option for every business, depending on your needs. Digital timers are more accurate, making them a better choice. They provide consistency from batch to batch. 

Horizontal Mixers

Another choice when looking for pizza dough mixers is the horizontal mixer. These commercial mixers have a beater that rotates horizontally. This allows for optimal stretch and fold. It also quickly mixes the dough in 15 minutes or less.
Horizontal mixers are powerful and produce high speeds. They also include a dough trough to collect the dough. 
Their mixing bowls are able to handle large amounts of dough at one time, making them another excellent choice.
Consider the Open Frame Single Sigma Horizontal Bakery Mixer. This state of the art mixer comes in various sizes to accommodate all your commercial baking needs.
The reinforced bakery mixing bowl, canopy, shaft, and agitator are all stainless steel and its easy maintenance and heavy-duty construction make it an excellent choice.

Choosing the Best Dough Mixer

There is a pizza dough mixer for all your needs, each with its own unique benefits and design. Some even come with attachment hubs, making them more versatile!
Contact us today and check out our full-service bakery equipment for all your specific needs. 
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