Bakery Equipment FAQ

What is "AS-IS”?
As-Is is strictly the way we received The Pre-Owned Bakery Equipment from the previous owner. The bakery equipment may or may not be complete of all its parts and it may or may not be in running order. We will disclose and represent the bakery equipment to you exactly as it is in our inventory allowing you to decide. This usually is the lowest initial investment for a piece of bakery equipment, but also may present the biggest risk.

How do you define "CLEAN, RUNNING & SHOP TESTED"?
We take the “as-is” piece of bakery equipment and do a minimum of work in the machine shop to make it a running, complete machine. It will be cleaned inside and out. It will be run tested in our shop. The Pre-owned piece of bakery equipment will have all of its “OSHA” guards. It may or may not have new paint and/or electrical components. It will be mechanically and electrically tuned-up to just the basic level.

What does the term "RECONDITIONED/REBUILT” mean?
Here we will review the pre-owned bakery equipment electrically and replace parts as needed with new electrical controls wired to an AutoCAD drawn wiring print or to an original print, strip, prime and recoat entire external machine (a mixer for example) in “steel-it®” s/s coating, ,and replace worn mechanicals on an “as needed” basis. All bakery equipment motors are rebuilt at motor shop (or are replaced with a new motor). The bakery equipment will be shop tested and upgraded to a “good” rating. Note: if purchasing a mixer with a bowl jacket we will pressure test jacket and re-insulate bowl jacket (if applicable) with new closed cell insulation.

Can you describe “REMANUFACTURED” (90% NEW)?
Equipment is stripped down to its basic frame structure. Mild steel frame work is stripped and coated in steel- it®, all electrical components (running mechanicals) are new. If bakery equipment is a mixer with a bowl jacket, the jacket will be replaced with a new bowl jacket. All access panels are hinged with electrical interlocks. All new motors are installed. All applicable features found in new bakery equipment can be included, i.e., plc controls, new seal designs, s/s split hub spiders, hydraulic bowl tilt systems, etc. The bakery equipment leaves our shop with a “best” rating. At this level, it will operate and perform as new. Every customer also has the option to customize equipment at this level for their specific bakery needs. Remanufactured bakery equipment will be supplied with digitally written manual and electrical schematics.

Can you tell me about your “NEW” products?
Equipment is fabricated from scratch with as many new technological features, as per the customer’s request and budget. Topos Mondial has new bakery equipment in current production; however, we can build custom bakery equipment as well for any production project.