Topos Mondial's History

  • Founded by Michael Angelo Morabito Jr. in 1962
  • Company started to form as Mr. Morabito was buying and selling used bakery equipment in an effort to automate his mostly manual family bakery business
  • Represented Topos A.S., Czechoslovakia here in USA from 1963-1968 for sales of automated Artisan roll production lines
  • Created company name Topos Mondial Corp, USA, where the Mondial name was added to promote international (Worldwide) reach
  • Heightened Cold War stopped trade with USA and CZ in 1968
  • Topos Mondial continued to buy and sell used bakery equipment from 1968 – 1980 with minimal rebuilding capability
  • 1980 – 1986 Topos Mondial Corp. started building its rebuilding staff and capabilities
  • In 1987, Topos Mondial Corporation moves to Pottstown, PA facility. Damian Morabito joins the company
  • Damian and Michael Morabito Jr. expand the business as a result of rebuilding and remanufacturing. Engineering becomes the company’s main focus
  • Topos Mondial Corporation reconnects with Topos A.S., Czech Republic in 1999. Purchases majority of shares in the company, 2001
  • Topos Mondial Corporation offers manufactured equipment from Topos, CZ facility and sells new Topos, CZ equipment Internationally and in North America
  • Combined engineering efforts between Topos CZ and Topos Mondial USA allows us to expand and offer new horizontal dough mixers of all types, expand and improve our current spiral and planetary mixer offerings and expand the dough handling equipment offerings and technology
  • Today, Topos Mondial Corporation is a full-service supplier of all types of remanufactured, high quality, bakery equipment, along with new mixing, dough handling and donut equipment. Emphasis on engineering for the last 50 years and continues to grow
  • Member of ASB, BEMA, AIB, and ABA