Bakery Manufacturing Consulting

Bakery Manufacturing Production Consulting:
Topos Mondial consults to bakeries that are interested in redesigning their production operation processes to become more efficient, flexible, cost-effective, automated, energy efficient and/or to increase productivity. We also are very skilled at helping you to take your facility to the next level of production output and efficiency. Damian Morabito has 30 + years in the bakery industry as a third generation hearth baker with a mechanical engineering degree. He has worked domestically and internationally to facilitate bakeries in meeting higher standards of quality in production processes and flow. We are uniquely suited to help you to find the most cost effective way to produce the baked product your company would like to manufacture. Our experience in complete bakery engineering solutions will benefit your company’s bottom line by improving sales, volume and profitability.

Bakery Manufacturing Product Consulting:
Have you developed a new product in your test lab and would like to manufacture it on an automated line? Is your current production line not meeting your quality standards? Is your company a retail bakery and are considering upgrading to a commercial wholesale bakery? Topos Mondial has the solution for you. Our experienced technical staff can develop a plan to make, bake, and package your product cost effectively. We have at our immediate disposal, new innovative equipment manufactured in Europe, as well as the world’s largest inventory of used and pre-owned bakery machinery that can be utilized to create a fully automatic line to make your product (s) and address any quality concerns. We have experience working on the development of the following snack and baked products: tortillas, pita, flat bread, white pan bread, hard dough bread, bread sticks, pizza dough, foccacia, ciabitta, panettone, hearth rolls, artisan breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, snack cakes, danish, English muffins, noodles, crackers, biscuits, bagels, soft buns ,pies, pastries, donuts, yeast raised donuts, donut holes brownies, wafers, scones, croissants and pasta products.