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Lematic Bun-Roll Slicer and Formost Bagger System

Lematic Bun-Roll Slicer and Formost Bagger System

Lematic Bun-Roll Slicer and Formost Bagger System
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Dive into the world of efficient bun-roll processing with this advanced slicing and bagging line, perfect for a diverse array of bun-roll products. Whether dealing with the compact 4” buns or the more extensive 12 pack configurations, this line handles them with ease.

Components Include:

  • Lematic Lane Guide Infeed Section: Guides buns smoothly into the system, ensuring alignment and precision from the start.
  • Lematic Spindle Type Hinge Slicer Module: Precisely slices buns with a hinge cut, ideal for burgers and sandwiches.
  • UBE Horizontal Band Slicer Module: Features a dual slice type for full cuts, making it versatile for complete product slicing.
  • Flighted Variety Infeed Section by Formost: Optimizes the arrangement of buns for bagging, enhancing throughput and minimizing jams.
  • Formost 4-Paddle Bagger: Engineered for a right to left flow, this bagger is a marvel in packaging efficiency, seamlessly bagging buns at high speeds.
  • UBE “J” Conveyor Flighted Discharge Section: Gently conveys your products post-slicing into the bagging area without compromising shape.
  • Kwik Lok Bag Gathering Brush System & Model 872 Bag Closer: Not only gathers bags efficiently but also seals them with a day-date ink jet print for easy inventory and sales tracking.

Ready to Perform: This fully serviced and operational line is cleaned and tuned to deliver top performance right from installation. Embrace unmatched productivity and reliability with this meticulously maintained system, ready to become the backbone of your bun processing needs.

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Lematic Bun-Roll Slicer and Formost Bagger System

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