5 Helpful Tips for Improving Bakery Flow Layout

When you own a commercial kitchen, you know how important it is to deliver quality products, on time, to your customers. To keep large orders coming in, you need to ensure that your bakery design has a flow layout that will make your kitchen as efficient as possible.The right bakery floor plan will improve the customer experience by helping you create perfect products every time. It will also help you avoid your team from being in each other’s way. Read on for 4 top tips on how to make the best bakery kitchen layout.

1. Design with Order of Activities in Mind

Whether your commercial kitchen is producing sandwich bread or muffins, you have a set order of tasks that follow a certain order. The best type of bakery layout is one that keeps the order of activities at the forefront during planning. Doing this will give you an efficient flow in your activities. Think of the flow of movement in your bakery. Perhaps items are delivered and go into storage. From there they make their way to the various tasks that fall under food prep and cooking and finally to the cooling racks. When you design your bakery floor plan, focus on the different movement of activities that are best suited for your particular needs. You might choose to set up your space in terms of an assembly line. Or perhaps in specific zones for each task. Make sure to think of ergonomics for your staff to avoid workplace injuries.

2. Focus on Flexibility

For your bakery’s kitchen, the layout has to revolve around flexibility. Starting off with a bakery design layout that is flexible means that you won’t have to do a massive (and expensive) redesign down the road. But how can you make your bakery floor plan flexible? One of the best things you can do is to buy equipment on casters and wheels. If you need to modify your layout for the day or for good, having equipment on wheels makes it simple to re-organize your kitchen.You may also want to think about a reach-in fridge instead of a walk-in one. A reach-in commercial fridge can be tucked against any wall with an outlet. That means more options for your layout. 

3. Think Multipurpose

Another tip for a kitchen with a great flow layout is to make your workstations multipurpose.If you have stations that are super-specific to a certain task, there is a risk that they can become obsolete as your needs change. Instead, opt for workstations that can serve various purposes to ensure longevity and functionality now and in the future.

4. Consult with Your Bakery Equipment Sales Team

The cost of hiring a consultant to design your kitchen layout can be astronomical. A better option is to call your bakery equipment sales expert.Equipment suppliers know the industry better than most. They can give you priceless tips on your bakery kitchen layout.

Enjoy Your Flow Layout of Your Bakery

There you have it! 4 tips for improving the flow layout of your bakery. Contact us today to discuss your commercial kitchen needs.

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