Recycling Old Equipment

Recycling Old Equipment

We at Topos Mondial Corporation are a worldwide leader in used, pre-owned, rebuilt, reconditioned, remanufactured, and NEW bakery machinery. We are proud to be a “Green Business”;  in addition to sales of new bakery equipment, we take pre-owned machinery (gently used as well as heavily used) and remanufacture that machinery to “like new” condition. We recycle, re-use, re-condition, and re-manufacture proven and solid bakery machinery which saves the environment its precious natural resources. We also pride ourselves in having the world’s largest inventory of pre-owned bakery equipment which facilitates our goal of offering a “green” solution wherever possible. We will remove your existing bakery equipment for trade-in value toward the purchase of needed new and pre-owned/remanufactured bakery equipment that fits your current and growing needs. At Topos, we continually strive to be “green” on the new machinery side as well. In our factory, every possible material that can be separated and recycled is done so in a purposeful and measured way. And in our design engineering, our new mixers and systems are driven by high-efficiency motors that use belt drives instead of gearboxes and roller chains, eliminating the need for machinery oils and reducing energy consumption.

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