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Grote Pendulum Slicer

Grote Pendulum Slicer

Grote Pendulum Slicer
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Grote pendulum slicers are a versatile and essential tool in the meat and pizza industry, known for their ability to thinly slice cold cuts, pepperoni, and similar products. When equipped with 4” diameter round tubes, they excel at slicing bagels into perfect bagel chips. The machine shown in the attached photos is fitted with six 4” diameter tubes, allowing it to efficiently slice stacks of bagels into chips. Please note that the ID tag is missing, so we cannot confirm the model number or serial number of this particular machine. The included set of six 4” diameter slicing tubes can handle most slicing needs, but if you require a different size, additional tube sets can be purchased directly from Grote or custom-made to suit your specific product requirements.

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Grote Pendulum Slicer

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