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Richmond Industrial Machine Toaster Pastry, Pop Tart, Top Icing

Richmond Industrial Machine Toaster Pastry, Pop Tart, Top Icing

Richmond Industrial Machine Toaster Pastry, Pop Tart, Top Icing
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Discover unmatched performance with this NEW 36″ stainless steel Icing Applicator. It’s engineered for adaptability, with hopper sides that adjust to accommodate a variety of product widths, ranging from a maximum of approximately 36″ to a minimum of around 16″. The applicator is powered by a Sumitomo gear-motor drive, renowned for its washdown capability, ensuring a blend of durability and cleanliness. Key features include:

  • Stainless steel construction for longevity and easy cleaning.
  • An adjustable stainless steel applicator roller for precise icing application.
  • Adjustable gates with scales to control icing thickness, and included icing removal wipers for clean operation.
  • Air cylinders that automatically close gates when the machine halts, enhancing safety and efficiency.
  • Lifting eyelets and a removable applicator head for effortless cleaning and storage.
  • A comprehensive safety system, including a hinged safety top with a safety switch, and dual emergency stop stations.
  • Advanced control with an A-B PLC system, including a VFD for motor speed control, ensuring optimal performance.

Lifting Bar for Icing Applicator Head

A NEW Stainless Steel Lifting Bar designed specifically to facilitate the handling of the icing applicator head. This accessory ensures safe and easy adjustment or removal of the applicator head, enhancing the user’s convenience and maintaining the equipment’s longevity.

Transfer Conveyor Product Traffic Lanes

This NEW conveyor system is crafted from stainless steel, offering a durable solution for directing product into lanes, suitable for either a 3 or 5 lanes setup. Its design is tailored for seamless integration with leer units, optimizing your production line for efficiency.

Portable Transfer Conveyor, #616-G-40-72

Elevate your production with this NEW 40″W Portable Transfer Conveyor, the perfect mount for the icing applicator head. Constructed from stainless steel with a sanitary design, it features:

  • A no-penetration, easy-clean frame and locking casters for mobility.
  • A 40″ wide belt, utilizing a blue Ammeraal Beltech Belt (#AB50044, WH FG), suitable for FDA environments.
  • Adjustable belt height and speed to accommodate various product thicknesses and production needs.
  • Innovative design features for ease of maintenance, including a pivotable tail nose-bar for quick belt tension adjustments and removal, and a dual durometer belt scraper at the discharge end.

Each component in our lineup is designed with wash-down capability, ensuring that cleanliness is as much a priority as efficiency and reliability. Elevate your production capabilities with these state-of-the-art solutions, engineered for the modern industrial bakery.

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Richmond Industrial Machine Toaster Pastry, Pop Tart, Top Icing

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