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Spooner, Impingement Oven with Cooling Section

Spooner, Impingement Oven with Cooling Section

Spooner, Impingement Oven with Cooling Section
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Originally utilized by Quaker Oats for the precise drying of their iconic “Life” cereal, this industrial oven is now available for resale, bringing unparalleled efficiency and reliability to your production line.

Key Specifications:

  • Type: Dual Burner, Two-Zone Oven, featuring state-of-the-art direct gas-fired air impingement technology for uniform heat distribution.
  • Baking Chamber: Boasting a generous 58′ in total length, divided equally between two 29′ long zones, each chamber is equipped with a 30 HP circulator blower and an Eclipse 1,500,000 BTU max gas packaged burner for optimal performance.
  • Conveyor Dimensions: The product conveyor grid provides a substantial baking width of approximately 31.5″, complemented by a 4” product clearance, ensuring seamless operation for a wide range of products.
  • Length and Sections: The oven measures approximately 66’ in total length, featuring a 54” infeed section, a 36” long discharge (drive) end, and an integrated cooling section spanning roughly 16’.
  • Cooling Section: Includes a 19” long infeed, a 12’ 7” enclosed cooling area, and a 24” long discharge section, designed to efficiently bring products to the desired temperature.
  • Drive System: Powered by a robust 7.5 HP gear-motor drive, ensuring reliable and continuous operation.
  • Condition: The overall condition of the oven and cooler is rated as very good, highlighting its readiness for immediate application in your facility.
  • Maintenance Note: The oven will require a new electrical and gas control panel, as the original is not available. Additionally, one circulating blower motor is missing; however, matching a replacement is straightforward, ensuring no downtime in sourcing parts.
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Spooner, Impingement Oven with Cooling Section

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