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UBE Bun-Roll Slicing and Autoload Bagging Lines

UBE Bun-Roll Slicing and Autoload Bagging Lines

UBE Bun-Roll Slicing and Autoload Bagging Lines
Asset #: 6265

Quantity Available: 2


Two [2] complete UBE bun-roll slicing and autoload bagging lines, where each line has the following:

  • Two [2] legs of Spantech product infeed conveyors [one for each line], built from sanitary aluminum frames with 24” wide plastic modular belting.
  • The UBE product aligner, grouper, indexing section with 24” wide blue plastic modular belting, Models I 90.3, Serial numbers 830, 831.
  • The UBE spindle type hinge slicing module, tilt up type, Models 991S-5S, serial numbers 527, 528, [5] spindle type head, all mounted over a 26” wide plastic modular product belt.
  • The UBE New England style top slicer module, for top slicing cluster hot dog rolls, [8] circular blade unit, Models NES-TS seral numbers 197, 198.
  • The UBE horizontal band slicer module, for slicing the product all the way through, Models S.90 serial number 561, 562.
  • The UBE product pusher-stacker section feeding into the bagger.
  • The UBE 3 paddle Autoload baggers, left-handed and right-handed models, with AB PanelView and PLC controls, Models 90AL, serial numbers 2029 and 2030.
  • The UBE flighted “J” conveyors on the discharge of each of the baggers, left and right-handed, which would hold the bag closer machines [the bag closers are not included].
  • The Custom S/S fabricated transfer conveyors, drawbridge type [for personnel pass-through capability], with the blue plastic modular belting, to convey the bagged product from the discharge of the metal detector [detector not included] to the basket loading stations.
  • The Custom S/S basket loading tables and basket feeder stations, with short basket take-away conveyor section, mounted low to the floor.
  • Original OEM Manuals and literature for these above machines are included.
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UBE Bun-Roll Slicing and Autoload Bagging Lines

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