Plant Design & Layout

Plant Design:
Topos Mondial is technically skilled at creating the plant design that works best for your production demand. We have all of the bakery production equipment needed to fit your various product lines to create fluid automation. We will integrate your existing machinery into a new plan that will allow you to adapt to your company’s needs, or we will remove your existing line and replace it with a new more flexible functional line. Our plant designs consider the most current food safety requirements. Having worked both on and in hundreds of bakeries throughout the world, you will greatly benefit from Topos Mondial’s vast and detailed experience in managing efficient bakery production processes. We are master bakery engineers who sell custom machinery at competitive prices. At our immediate disposal is the world’s largest inventory of pre-owned bakery equipment, therefore we can implement any equipment changes you choose in your production facility

Plant Layout:
Our Topos Mondial sales and engineering team is made up of well trained thorough mechanical and technical professionals who are experts in bakery engineering and process analyses. Decades of experience in all types of bakeries, domestic and international, inform our recommendations for your company in the design of your production plant. If you are looking to upgrade your plant to increase volume and efficiency, we can help you take the leap by laying out a plant that will rival any major baking operation. As a world wide leader in new, used, pre-owned, reconditioned, rebuilt, remanufactured bakery machinery sales, we have the unique position of helping your company achieve success at a fraction of the equipment cost you would expect with only new bakery equipment. Working in bakery machinery sales and consultation allows us to offer your company specialized technical and mechanical knowledge and applied experience.