Topos Mondial and J4 Ovens in North American Bakeries.

J4 is a name that is no stranger to the world of bakery.

It has been in the business of making ovens for baking industry for more than 20 years. The J4’s tunnel ovens can be found in leading bakeries around the world. Their superior baking and versatility make them the favorite baking ovens for large bakeries. From baking cookies/biscuits and crackers, to artisan breads and rolls to other pan and hearth baked products, these energy efficient J4 ovens provide consistency, reliability, and flexibility in the baking process.

Now the same J4 tunnel ovens are available in North America.

They are being supplied exclusively by Topos Mondial Corp. The J4 range of ovens is highly customizable to suit the specific baking requirements of the bakeries. These made to order ovens can be customized with a variety of baking belts and hearth surfaces, and can be offered with a variety of control features such as recipe and programmable baking profile storage. J4-Topos can offer Cyclothermic indirect fired, direct fired, air impingement, and hybrid ovens that combine any two of the offered oven types, to best suit the products that you want to bake.Whether the requirement is for a small bakery or a large commercial one supplying thousands of bakery and confectionery items a day, J4 has a solution for everyone.Topos Mondial is the answer to your bakery equipment needs. Topos is a full-service bakery equipment sales and consulting company that has been specializing in high quality remanufacturing of all types of bakery equipment with an emphasis on engineering since 1959. We offer complete bakery engineering solutions to meet your production needs.

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