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Peerless Single Sigma Mixer

Peerless Single Sigma Mixer

Peerless Single Sigma Mixer
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Peerless Single Sigma Mixer, model HM300SD, a pre-owned gem that has been expertly rebuilt to ensure top-notch performance. This mixer boasts a generous capacity of 160-225 kilograms, making it ideal for a wide range of mixing tasks. Powered by a single-speed motor that operates at 25 rpm, it’s designed for efficiency and precision. To accommodate its power needs, it requires a 230 volt, 3-phase, 60 amp feed. This mixer is currently being offered in a previously rebuilt state, ensuring it’s in very good running condition, ready to meet the demands of your mixing needs. Additionally, if your operations require the flexibility of a 2-speed or variable-speed mechanism, we can enhance the mixer with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for an additional cost, providing you with the adaptability to tackle a variety of mixing tasks with ease.

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Peerless Single Sigma Mixer

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