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THM-OTOF 400LB 3 Roller Bar, Open Frame Mixer

THM-OTOF 400LB 3 Roller Bar, Open Frame Mixer

THM-OTOF 400LB 3 Roller Bar, Open Frame Mixer
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Topos can offer heavy duty, open framed, three roller bar horizontal dough mixers [OFRBHM] in sizes 4, 6, and 8, with dough mixing capacities from 400 to 800 lbs.

The rugged mixer frames are built in an “open frame” sanitary design for easy cleaning and maintenance. The frames can be fabricated from heavy duty mild steel and coated in ‘STEEL IT’ S/S coating, or they can be made in an all S/S construction.

The main agitator is driven with a heavy duty, high efficiency, SEW hollow shaft direct drive gear motor that can be VFD rated or 2 speeds. This new design offers the S/S cover over both the drive gear motor and hydraulic package side of the mixer, which can be easily removed without the use of tools for cleaning and maintenance access. The mixing bowl shape is the proven Topos design with one adjustable roller bar and the adjustable stretcher bar position. A self-contained Hytos hydraulic package with the manual hand pump operates the hydraulic over-tilt bowl assembly. The advanced mixer bowl can be jacketed and insulated for bowl cooling and offers easily cleanable main shaft seals as well as easily removable bowl to canopy seals. The unique Topos bowl shape and roller bar positions yield shorter mixing times while mixing at slower agitator speeds, using less overall energy from the main drive motor and from the bowl jacket cooling system. These Topos [OFRBHM] mixers offer reliable and durable performance at a very competitive price.

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THM-OTOF 400LB 3 Roller Bar, Open Frame Mixer

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