Monday, March 4, 2019
Your cupcakes are sweet, but your bakery setup should be even sweeter.
If you own or are planning to own a commercial bakery, then you need the essentials in bakery equipment. Don't let your recipes fall short because you don't have the resources that your shop requires.
So before you start baking those cookies, think about what your bakery really needs. And stay right here as we list five pieces of bakery equipment that no kitchen should be without!
1. Dough Proofer
If you plan on baking loaves and loaves of bread, then you need to purchase a dough proofer. You'll be amazed at how simplified your dough proofer makes the bread proofing process!
With the combination of the perfect heat and humidity, your dough will rise problem-free. The dough proofer proofs your bread into perfection. This makes it a great tool for experienced and novice bakers alike. 
2. Wooden Or Stainless Steel Work Station
When it comes to kneading the dough, flouring dough, and other prepping steps, a wooden tabletop is an ideal workspace. Find a happy medium between softwood and hardwood.
A softwood might allow for bacteria to enter its grooves, while a hardwood might be rough on your knives. So choose something in between and get ready to mash, knead, roll, cut, and bake!
Stainless steel tables also make for easy cleaning and prepping. It's a good idea to have one stainless steel table as a work station and one as a prepping station!
3. Commercial Oven and Mixer
You make some tasty treats! And the news is spreading fast. So you'll need bakery equipment that can handle large amounts of goodies.
Commercial ovens and mixers are a must. Both items are essential for producing baked goods. You'll want high-quality sturdy equipment that'll last a lifetime. Consider what type of baking and mixing you do and choose the right ovens and mixers for you.
There are several types of commercial ovens and mixers so do your research before purchasing. And don't become overwhelmed by expensive equipment. Good-quality used bakery equipment is available!
Pre-owned bakery equipment is less expensive and still delivers a great product.
4. Hand Bagger
If you're a part of the baking industry, then you know how important packaging is. And, when putting out large quantities of baked goods, you need an efficient way to package your goods. That's why you need a fully-adjustable Hand Bagger
It works great for a variety of baked goods such as doughnuts, buns, bread, and more! This hand bagger makes packaging fast and easy, ensuring profit for your business. Every kitchen deserves one of these.
5. Slide Gate Dough Chunkers
When producing large amounts of baked goods, it's easy to find yourself in over your head. Don't panic. The dough chunker is here to help!
Don't fight with sticky dough anymore. This piece of equipment produces the perfectly sized dough chunk for your baking needs. And you can add a non-stick coating to ensure that sticky dough doesn't stick!
It's a great way to create flawless dough chunks every time. 
Bakery Equipment Your Business Can't Thrive Without
When opening up your new bakery shop, keep this bakery equipment list in mind. You'll want to bake quickly and productively each day. And the proper commercial equipment will ensure that!
To get your new or pre-owned equipment today, contact our services page. Then, start building the bakery of your dreams today. 
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