Monday, January 20, 2020

Did you know that 14 percent of respondents stated cupcakes as their favorite form of dessert? That's a lot of cupcake lovers. Cupcakes are more popular than ever right now and are a perfect handheld dessert for any event.

Are you looking to sell awesome cupcakes at your restaurant chain, supermarket franchise, or large bakery business? Keep reading to learn about five awesome cupcakes you can make with a horizontal mixer for baking. 

1. Classic Chocolate

It is hard to go wrong with a classic chocolate cupcake. Using your horizontal mixer for baking you can pump out chocolate cupcakes for events or large scale sales. 

Did you know that original cupcakes recipes were not frosted and instead were just flavored mini cakes? This method may have worked in the past, but we recommend frosting your cupcakes. A classic chocolate cupcake base pairs well with a chocolate ganache frosting for an extra decadent chocolate lovers delight. 

2. Red Velvet

Red velvet is a popular cake and cupcake flavor. Red velvet is a scarlet-colored chocolate cake topped with a white cream cheese frosting. The red coloring is from either a specific kind of cocoa or red food dye depending on the recipe. 

This red and white cake has grown in popularity over the years. Now red velvet is a dessert staple flavor. 

3. Vanilla Birthday Cake

You'll definitely need a horizontal mixer for baking to produce these crowd favorite cupcakes. A vanilla birthday cake cupcake will be a hit year-round. Everyone likes plain vanilla but a vanilla birthday cake flavor adds extra flavor and fun to the mix. 

Consider adding in colorful sprinkles to take your cupcake to the next level. These cupcakes will be wanted by customers of all ages. 

4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes

Is there a better combination than chocolate and peanut butter? Many people would say no. Consider baking a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake to win over your customer's sweet tooth.

Experiment using a chocolate base with peanut butter frosting or a peanut butter base with chocolate frosting. You can add in fun candies or sprinkles to take this cupcake to the next level.

5. Seasonal Favorites

Holidays are huge times for cupcakes and other desserts. In your bakeries, you should consider making some special seasonal favorites. Themed cupcakes or special flavors for a seasonal item will be a big hit.

Ideas for seasonal and holiday-themed cupcakes include:

  • Pumpkin spice
  • Hot cocoa and marshmallow
  • Lemon 
  • Red, white, and blueberry 

Use your creativity to think of fun themes for different holidays. Your fun cupcakes will be the talk of all your customer's holiday parties.

Use Your Horizontal Mixer for Baking Cupcakes

Now that you know five cupcake flavors to make in your horizontal mixer, it's time to get cooking. Are you looking for the right horizontal mixer for your business? At Topos Mondial we have all of your industrial baking needs.

Contact us at Topos Mondial today to learn more about our products. 

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