Monday, February 10, 2020

If you own a commercial bakery, you're really bringing joy to the people. It's a fact: Americans love baked goods

But we know you're not just in business to bring joy. You also have to make a living. So, if you own a bakery, especially a large-scale one, there are a few pieces of equipment you must have to be successful and productive.

Keep reading to learn what essential baking items you need to stay ahead of the curve. 

1. Mixers

Without a doubt, good quality electric mixers are absolute must-haves for any commercial bakery. And while one top-notch dough mixer goes a long way, a truly productive operation needs mixers of all kinds.

Emulsion blenders, horizontal mixers, countertop mixers, and large dough mixers are the first purchases any industrial bakery needs to make. 

How many of each type of mixer you need is dependent on the size and scale of your business. The more the merrier, though. 

2. Food Processors

Who has the time for cutting and chopping when there's other, more important work to be done? Food processors are the multi-tasking sous-baker you need in your commercial kitchen. 

Anything that can be chopped, blended, ground, or mixed can be tossed in the food processor for ultimate efficiency. No industrial bakery can go without. 

3. Measuring Spoons & Cups

Small and seemingly insignificant in comparison to the mighty mixer and essential food processor, investing in a good set of measuring tools is key to the smooth running of any industrial bakery.

Eyeballing measurements is for the chefs, not the bakers. The art of industrial baking is an exact science. Therefore, precise measurements are needed.

And you simply can't take a tablespoon or a coffee cup from your home kitchen drawer and expect it to cut it. Trust us. Make it a point to get a good set of measuring tools. 

4. Cooling Rack

In commercial baking, cooling is just as important as cooking. If you don't have a designated, proper place for your baked goods to cool down, you risk your beautiful cakes, cookies or pies turning soggy.

And no one likes soggy baking! A quality cooling rack (or cooling racks) is an often overlooked and totally essential piece of equipment for any industrial bakery. 

5. Cake Tins & Pie Pans

You'd be surprised how important it is to use the right type of cake tin for your specific cake recipe. Cook times are based around the shape and size of the tin you're using, so you better make sure you're using the right one for the recipe. 

Having a varied collection of tins and pans of all shapes and sizes is essential to running a commercial bakery.

Now That You Know the 5 Essential Industrial Baking Items: Get Baking!

These are just 5 of the many essential baking items you'll need to run a large-scale bakery. 

Once you have these 5 pieces of key equipment, you can work on stocking up the rest. Check out our selection of brand-new industrial bakery equipment to make sure you're stocked and ready to roll! 

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